It pays to do the right thing

the following is a reprint of a letter I recieved from the Merchants Express Money Order Company, Inc and subsidiaries


January 5, 2011

George Ferdinand

RE: Affidavit Replacement

Dear George Ferdinand:

We are pleased to inform you that MEMO has recieved a refund from the bank of first deposit for the money order you filed an affidavit against due to forgery or alteration.

MEMO has processed a refund to you in the form of MEMO money order payable to you. Enclosed is the following replacement money order.

Z-91828197-Replaced with Money Order-Z-86566856-$100.00

Before cashing your replacement money order, you must sign your name on the PURCHASER’S SIGNATURE line that is located right below the PAY to the order of line.

We appreciate your patience during this affidavit process.


S.C., Operations Analyst

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One Response to It pays to do the right thing

  1. patty says:


    I think it does “pay” to do the right thing,
    I have known you for some time know and you did do the right thing…

    good things come to those who wait !

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